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Hi, I am Noemi. I am an interdisciplinary artist and facilitator of Let my Pussy Speak and other creative or healing projects that help us integrate lost parts of ourselves. 

I share and work from my experience as a queer, white, european neurodivergeant woman with CPTSD, coming from a socially disadvantaged environement. In my workshop and events I try to offer an inclusive, heartfelt and humurous space, which is trans and disability friendly and trauma informed.

I am a creative pagan who loves to follow the rythms of the moon and adores nature, yet also enjoys performing in techno clubs. A lazy yogi who loves her spirulina smoothie and her deep-fried chicken. I have always been passionately interested both in art and in all things related to psychology, subconscious, shadow work and sex, so I combine all these topics in my work, always with a dose of humour and in search of that perfect balance of fearless inquiry and soothing relaxation.

I am curious of how we can grow into an ever fuller expression of who we are, expanding and transforming our identities in the search of authentic expression.  

Originally from Slovenia, I studied and lived in France and UK and I am now based in Berlin. I regularly offer workshops, perform in theatres, clubs and cabarets, and offer one-on-one coaching, in person or online. I also create clothing pieces inspired by my artistic projects and daily life – the Whacky Self, where there is a collection dedicated to Let My Pussy Speak.

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